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Please make sure that you can provide a valid provisional driving licence and that you can read a car number plate from a distance of 67 feet.  Whether you’re a beginner or partly trained we can assess how many hours you will need on your course and if you’re available we’ll arrange up to 4 hours of one-to-one tuition per day. 

This will help you reach the DSA test standard faster and if you need help with your theory test we can do this during your course. FREE theory C.D.’s are available when you pay for a block-booking of 10 hours or more. FASTERPASS will arrange for the earliest DSA driving test in your area!  If you haven’t driven before here are some of the subjects covered on your course.

  • ‘Show me, Tell me’ questions for your Practical test
  • Knowledge of the main controls of the car
  • Making proper use of the accelerator, clutch, footbrake, handbrake and steering
  • Moving away safely and under control
  • Emergency stop
  • Reversing into a limited opening to the right or left and reverse parking into a bay
  • Reverse parking behind another vehicle
  • Turn in the road exercise
  • Use of mirrors and signals where and when necessary
  • Taking prompt and appropriate action on all road markings, traffic signs etc.
  • Exercising proper care in the use of speed
  • Avoiding undue hesitancy and using safe opportunities to proceed
  • Following behind another vehicle at a safe distance
  • Acting properly at road junctions with regard to speed, position and observation
  • Dealing safely when overtaking, meeting and crossing the path of other traffic
  • Positioning the vehicle correctly during normal driving and exercising lane discipline
  • Allowing adequate clearance to stationary vehicles
  • Taking appropriate action on all pedestrian crossings
  • Selecting a safe position for normal stops
  • Showing awareness and anticipation of the actions of pedestrians, cyclists and other drivers.


Fasterpass Onsite - Residential Courses